Each year, the Mayo Society of Greater Cleveland funds a scholarship program between John Carroll University and National University Ireland Galway.

For additional information regarding the scholarship, or details on how to apply, please contact us.

Mayo Society of Greater Cleveland scholarship recipients from John Carroll University:


Emily Robinson
Kayla Theilan

Brianna Chlosta
Mary Rose Flynn

Emma Bennett
Elizabeth O’Grady

Madelyn Pierce
Anne Brennan

Shawn Breslin
Maura Farr

Peter Landoll
Mary Ellen Riley

Veronica Lysaght
Molly Nemunaitis

Studying abroad at the National University of Ireland, Galway has been one of the most life changing experiences I ever had the opportunity to do. The city of Galway is unlike any place in the United States, it feels too much like a home rather than a city with one of the country’s largest universities. Ireland is an absolutely gorgeous country where it is so easy to travel and explore the country itself and have access to the rest of Europe. It allowed me to immerse myself in the Irish culture, making friends from the local area as well as other parts of the world. The people who both live and travel to Ireland all share interests and want to engage in the same life experiences, giving me friendships and travel partners for years to come. I was able to travel through all of western Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, and Greece with ease. Studying in Galway was an indescribable experience and I cannot thank the Mayo Society enough for the opportunity.
Emma Bennett
I grew up listening to my grandfather, Thomas Breslin, share stories about his life in Ireland. These stories and experiences captured my imagination and influenced a passion for Irish culture and a dream to see the country of my heritage. Without the Mayo Society of Greater Cleveland this dream could never have become a reality. During my time in Galway, Ireland I was able to explore the stunning landscape and create long lasting relationships with family and friends. I took classes focused on Irish religion, art, heritage, and economics. The people I met, the places I saw, and the lessons I learned will last a lifetime. I was influenced by the integrity and kindness of the Irish people; their hospitality and optimism are traits that I hope to carry in my own life. This experience has forever created a bridge between myself and Ireland, and I will strive to bring awareness about the economic, political, and social atmosphere of the country. I plan to return to Ireland in the near future, and continue to learn about the culture and people that make it so great. I am incredibly grateful to the Mayo Society, who created this opportunity for me, and I will do everything in my power to promote County Mayo and the Republic of Ireland at John Carroll University and wherever I am taken to next. Erin go Bragh
Shawn Breslin

Students from National University of Ireland Galway who have studied at John Carroll University:


Robert Naughton
Kevin Mannion

John Cormican
Karolina Kersulyte

Sinéad Ní Bhéarra
Lorna McLoughlin

Mohamed El-Gamati
Michael Flattery

Nicholas Hogan
Lucy Moran

Thomas Dever
Rachel O’Dea