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Mayo Society of Greater Cleveland Annual Meeting and Afternoon Tea
Michael E. Gibbons

2022 Mayo Society Person of the Year

Join us as we honor Michael E. Gibbons, Senior Managing Director & Principal of investment bank Brown Gibbons Lang & Company and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Global M&A Partners Ltd, Dublin, Ireland, as the 2022 Mayo Society Person of the Year.

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Our Mission

To promote cultural, charitable, scientific and/or literary exchanges between the People of the United States and the People of Ireland, with particular emphasis on County Mayo, including but not limited to research into the life and times of Irish immigration to America and the study of Irish and Irish-American history.

Organization Profile

The Mayo Society of Greater Cleveland was founded in 2004 as a not-for-profit corporation to provide a forum for information and activities of interest to individuals of Irish descent particularly those with ancestral ties to County Mayo.

The Society makes contributions to public charities in the United States that have a link to County Mayo in Ireland or to Ireland, or to public charities in Ireland, or for temporary emergency relief to indigent Irish nationals in the United States who are in urgent need of medical attention, are victims of crime, or victims of man-made or natural disasters.

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